High Altitude Balloon

SUFO-1 - 92,000 feet

The purpose of the high altitude balloon project was simply to take a camera to the edge of space and bring pictures of the journey back to earth.  This ended up being a massive project that challenged me on many levels.  At various points in the project I was designing circuit boards, sizing parachutes for different weights, working with amateur radio, designing an insulated enclosure, hacking digital cameras, figuring out how to fill a weather balloon with helium, and chasing a balloon in the sky while cruising down the highway.  Check out the following pages to see this project from inspiration to the skies (or click here to view all related posts).






HAM License

Helium Tank Hose

Tracking Equipment

Tracking Test

SUFO-1 Flight Recap

SUFO-2 Flight Recap

5 thoughts on “High Altitude Balloon

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